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Black swans – understanding rare and exceptional events:

Rare and exceptional events are beyond our capability to predict due to their magnitude, speed, and force. Experience and traditional approaches are very often intrinsically inadequate or are based on misconceptions. The complexity of our ...


The art of open innovation:

Today, the time available to realize a new product idea is becoming ever shorter. A high degree of creativity combined with an efficient but rigorous process for selecting the most suitable idea is a precondition par excellence for the timely introduction of innovativ...


Blue oceans and the successful application of disruptive business strategies:

Successful companies are increasingly starting to define and create their own market environment. There is much less competition in an uncontested “blue ocean” market space compared with the competitive behavior of sat...


Innovation - the lack of

Innovation is almost on everyone's lips today. Companies claim to be innovative and to provide innovative services and products. But, how is innovation characterized and why is innovation the source of prosperous and lasting business success? Sustainable, blue ocean inn...


Innovations- und Technologiemanagement

Keller Associates verhilft Ihnen durch Steigerung der Innovationsfähigkeit zu konkurrenzlosem Mehrwert. Wir bieten Ihnen Innovationsmanagement auf höchstem Niveau und sorgen dafür, dass ihr Unternehmen sich in Zeiten eines immer stärkeren Wettbewerbes auf dem Markt behauptet.

Business Model Development
Design-Thinking Process Management
Industrialization Management
Technologie Scouting in Photonics
Projektmanagement und Umsetzung



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